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Active Kraoma (White Maeng Da)

$ 16.99

The highest alkaloid content of any white vein kratom leaf - White Maeng Da. This white stain is sourced from harv...
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Busy Kraoma (Green Maeng Da)

$ 19.99

The highest alkaloid content of any green vein leaf - Green Maeng Da. This green stain is sourced from harvesters ...
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Comfort Kraoma (Red Bali)

$ 14.99

Grown on a plantation in Bali, this red vein strain reminds many of "Bali" or "Classic Bali." This Red Bali is sou...
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Tranquil Kraoma (Yellow Bali)

$ 14.99

Those of you who like Red Bali will love our new Yellow Bali.  It's potent and has many of the same characteristic...
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We sampled kratom from 37 different suppliers in Southeast Asia.

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Fantastic News for Our Friends in Florida!

Fantastic News for Our Friends in Florida!

Kratom will remain available in the Sunshine State!

House Bill 183, the bill to ban kratom, is no longer being considered in the Florida House subcommittees.

Kratom is a safe plant as we all know.  With the help of the Botanical Educational Alliance, and their tremendous lobbying team, they were able to educate over 40 new legislators about kratom.  HB 183 was taken off the table. 

March 28, 2017 by Danny @ Kraoma
ALERT:  Florida Bill to Ban Kratom in 2017

ALERT: Florida Bill to Ban Kratom in 2017

Rep. Kristin Jacobs is starting 2017 with another push to ban kratom in Florida.

She's proposing House Bill 183, which adds Mitragynine and Hydroxymitragynine (two alkaloids found in kratom) to the controlled substance list, and gives exception for FDA approved products that contain these alkaloids. 

Nowhere in this bill does it mention kratom or mitragyna speciosa.  This is sneaky.  

January 11, 2017 by Danny @ Kraoma
How to Buy Kratom with Bitcoin (The Safe & Easy Way)

How to Buy Kratom with Bitcoin (The Safe & Easy Way)

Our payment processor was shut down for the third time in two years.  If you're familiar with the kratom community, you know this is a common problem for many vendors.

The FDA/DEA hysteria towards kratom is making many U.S. banks nervous about dealing with kratom businesses.  Many U.S. banks are putting pressure on credit/debit card merchants to drop payment processing for kratom altogether.

January 07, 2017 by Danny @ Kraoma

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